September 16, 2010

How to add TweetMeme button to your blog

Adding the TweetMeme button to your blog is easy with our Blogger Gadget, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to Blogger and navigate to your control panel (click “customise” on your Blogger bar)
  2. blogger_bar_customise
  3. On the Layout tab, choose Page Elements
  4. In the sidebar, click Add a gadget; this will open a new window
  5. blogger_elements_add_gadget
  6. The easiest way from here is to search for “tweetmeme” using the search box in the top right, click on either the title or thumbnail of the resulting match, then skip to step 8
  7. blogger_elements_search
  8. Alternatively you can install using our gadget installation file:
  10. Choose Add your own from the new window’s menu
  11. Delete the text http:// from the box then paste in the location of our gadget installation file from step 5 and click Add by URL
  12. blogger_elements_add_your_own
  13. The page will change to a form which you can use to customse the
    button and how it retweets, however no changes are necessary you can
    leave all the defaults
  14. blogger_gadget_configuration
  15. Press the Save button and you will return to Page Elements within your control panel with TweetMeme Retweet listed in the sidebar
  16. blogger_gadget_elements
  17. You may now wish to re-position the TweetMeme Retweet gadget by dragging it within the Page Elements editor; we suggest at the top of your sidebar for best visibility
  18. You can now return to your blog to see the retweet button installed


Congratulations, your readers can now easily retweet from your blog!

July 26, 2010

Edit template and themes for your Blog

Since i am new to blogging, I started feeling that One can edit his/her blog Templates.But a person who is new to blogging is not ready for changing a template.It is possible!!

Use My simple Instructions!!..
  • If you are new to a blog,Use the Simple template provided for you.
  • Also,You can change theme By using simple templates provided on Google.
Websites which provides Free templates like,
  • Edit the theme and use it on your blog template instead of your template.
  1. Before Starting a blog ,Have a basic knowledge of html .
  2. Have a Sound knowledge on creating a Pictures and Backgrounds by using Photoshop Or any open source Image creating Softwares.
These are enough to start a blog.